Triple Tech – Triple Pane Windows

When it comes to saving energy thanks to better home insulation, an addition to double pane glass a triple pane window is among the very best choices. The point is to stop all that heat from transferring to the outside straight through the windows, and a 4 Seasons Doors & Windows triple pane window system can do just that.

Triple paned (also known as triple glazed) windows are of course heavier and more expensive than double paned windows, as you might expect. But a window with three panes is an investment rather than a purchase.

Triple Pane windows are the best choice for the homeowner who wants to make excellent long term savings to energy costs


A TRIPLE PANE WINDOW with a low-e coating will have an SHGC of .35 and a U-value of .25. Another factor is the spacer at the edge of a double or triple pane window. Most newer windows come with plastic or soft spacer that has a lower conductivity than the aluminum spacers that were common in the previous generation of windows.

Typically a TRIPLE PANE WINDOW will have lower U-values, lower SHGC and higher ER values and so will lose less energy, and the price will only increase marginally over double pane (10% to 15%). A heat loss calculation will determine whether or not the extra cost is justified.

If you are interested in doing your part to help reduce energy use and save our environment, then triple pane is the right window for your home.

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